Past News Stories

Co-evolution's Witness -Feature Article
Posted Sept 2015
Our work on co-evolution signatures between disease genes was recently featured at PittMed. Along with our work with the Morehouse lab on butterfly reproductive proteins.
Featured on the Saccharomyces Genome Blog
Posted April 2015
Our recent paper on the evolution and function of the Shu complex was written up on the Saccharomyces Genome Database.
How do novel organs get their genes?
Posted March 2015
A derived butterfly reproductive organ, the bursa copulatrix, is a powerful model to study how new organ systems are equiped with their gene repertoire. Our new publication in MBE lays out the case for extensive gene borrowing.
ERC in Medical Genetics
Posted February 2015
Our recent publication in PLOS Genetics outlines ERC as a tool in disease gene discovery and validation.
Recommended Reading
Access the recommendation on F1000Prime
Posted January 2015
Our ERC publication with the Findlay and Wolfner labs was recently highlighed by Norman Johnson (UMass) on the Faculty of 1000 website.
Kaufman Foundation
Posted August 2014
We were recently awarded a Charles E. Kaufman Foundation New Investigator Grant to develop evolutionary signatures as a method to predict gene function. Abstracts and media coverage.
Fly Sex
Posted February 2014
Our most recent ERC article on reproductive proteins in Drosophila just came out in PLOS Genetics and received some attention on social media.

to our new post-doc Zelia Ferreira!
Zelia also recently received a merit medal from the University of Porto for her dissertation work.
It Takes 2 to Coevolve
Our phylogenetic co-evolution work was featured in an Investigations article in PittMed. Thanks Allison Curley!

That work was highlighted in the Dean's Message as well.
Congrats to Camille

Her research on co-evolution of yeast mating agglutinins was chosen for a talk at SMBE 2013 in the "Coevolution" session.
Blog posts

Our recent publication in Genetics was featured in blog posts here and here.